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30 January 2024

Echolink Introduces Web App

In a move aimed at broadening its user base, Echolink, the widely-used voice-over-IP software for amateur radio operators, has recently launched a web app version. This transition allows for increased accessibility and flexibility, presenting users with several benefits:

How to use it?

Simple Visit

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Users can seamlessly connect from various devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, tablets, and smartphones.

No Installation Required:

The web app eliminates the need for installation, enabling users to access Echolink directly through their web browsers.

On-the-Go Connectivity:

With the web app, operators can connect from any location with an internet connection, enhancing the adaptability of communication.*Intuitive User Interface:** Echolink’s web app features a redesigned and user-friendly interface, catering to both new and experienced users.

Enhanced Collaboration Features:

New tools within the web app facilitate smoother communication, allowing users to share links, exchange messages, and coordinate activities.

Automatic Updates: Users can stay up-to-date effortlessly, as the web app introduces automatic updates, ensuring access to the latest features and improvements.

Echolink’s foray into the web app realm aims to provide a neutral and adaptable platform for the global amateur radio community, fostering connections and communication worldwide. The move is expected to offer users a more accessible and user-friendly experience, regardless of their location or preferred device.

07 January 2024

Kollam Ham Fair on 9th June 2024

Ham Fair is conducted every year at Kollam on the nearest Sunday of 18th April to celebrate the world amateur radio.

Seminars, exhibition and sale of electronic equipments and spares are held. In connection with this HF contest and VHF fox hunt are also being conducted. HF contest is conducted during the second Saturday and Sunday of every March. Fox hunt is conducted in different places of Kerala before the Hamfair. VU2MAH rolling shields, gifts and certificates are given to the winners of contest. Winners of fox hunt will get VU2CSD rolling shields and certificates in addition to cash prizes.

29 November 2023

Ham Radio operators support

Kolkata: Surajit Mukherjee, a 76-year-old former railway schoolteacher with Alzheimer’s (a brain disorder disease), who had gone missing from his home off Maniktala Main Road, Kankurgachhi nearly three months ago, was reunited with his family on Tuesday by an ex-schoolteacher and HAM radio operators.
Mukherjee, all this while, took shelter on the pavement off a Salt Lake Road at BD block.

Salt Lake woman, Sharmila Majumdar, a former schoolteacher turned a good Samaritan to get the septuagenarian admitted to Bidhannagar State General Hospital with the help of his neighbours, local councillor and Bidhannagar City Police recently.
Eventually, HAM radio operators led by Ambarish Nag Biswas, secretary of West Bengal Radio Club (WBRC) played a crucial role in reuniting Mukherjee with his family, who was desperately searching for him for over a couple of months, within hours of his photograph being shared on Tuesday morning.

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