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During Ham Fair

Fox hunting is an activity wherein participants use radio direction finding techniques to locate radio transmitter hidden within a designated search area. This activity is most popular among amateur radio enthusiasts, and one organized sport variation is known as amateur radio direction finding.

The first Kerala VHF Fox Hunt was conducted at Kollam during 1995. VU2 GVX and SWL Pradeep were the winners. The second and third Fox Hunt were held at Trichur in 1996 and 1997. The next Fox Hunt was held at Chalakkudi. VU2RDL and VU3KMU, members of QARL were the winners. The forth Fox Hunt was conducted at Kollam and VU2PEB and VU2CTN were the winners. The sixth Fox Hunt again was held at Kollam and VU2HRI and VU3BHU were the winners. The CSD Rolling Trophy for the VHF Fox Hunt is instituted by VU2CLD, VU2IHX and VU3SMG in memory of Late Om Sivachandra Das VU2CSD. The second prize is donated by Eranakulam Auto Sports Club and the third prize was donated by Palakkad Auto Sports Club.

What is FoxHunt 

VHF Fox hunt is hidden transmitter hunting. A complete video demonstrating fox hunting for amateur radio, finding hidden transmitters called "foxes" using very inexpensive "ham made" directional yagi antennas

16th Fox Hunt

Video taken live while the fox hunt was in progress. Fox hunt is a game, the aim is to find  the hidden wireless transmitter.


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Ham Fair is conducted every year at Kollam on the nearest Sunday of 18th April to celebrate the world amateur radio. Seminars, exhibition and sale of electronic equipments and spares are held. In connection with this HF contest and VHF fox hunt are also being conducted ...


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In a move aimed at broadening its user base, Echolink, the widely-used voice over IP software for ham radio operators, has recently launched a web app version. This change allows for increased accessibility and flexibility, presenting users with several benefits ...


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