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The Ham Emergency and Rescue team (HEART) is a sub-division of the Quilon Amateur Radio League which came into existence on 18th April 2012. The team consists of Amateur Radio Operators who are trained and dedicated to providing radio communications for governments, civil-preparedness and relief agencies during periods of local,regional or national civil emergencies. These emergencies may include natural disasters or man made disasters.

The Discovery of HEART was by OM R Rajagopal, VU2RDL. He advised to form a team for emergency operations. The name, HEART was suggested by OM P Surendran, VU2SYT and under the guidance of OM K.G Nadarajan VU2KGN, the team was organized by OM Rajesh R.K Nair, VU2IDB.

The QARL established HEART as a voluntary, non-commercial, radio communication service. It allows licensed operators to improve their communications and technical skills while providing the nation with a pool of trained radio operators and technicians who can provide essential communications during emergencies. 

The HEART owns VHF, UHF and HF trancievers, high-powered amplifiers, directional antennas, sensitive receivers and cross band radios. Moreover spare antennas, coax and connectors, adapters are available to build or rebuild a station. Even something as inexpensive and unexciting as a J-pole made 300 ohm TV feeder ladder line will blow away the lame duck performance from any rubber ducky antenna. A ribbon J-pole rolls up nicely into a sandwich bag to put in your back pack, yet can be taped up against a glass window for maximum VHF or UHF performances. RV batteries, alkaline batteries especially AA and D cells are stocked. SWR meater and antenna analyzers are kept ready.

Team work will be the success. But emergency preparedness is an individual responsibility. A disaster is not the time to find out that you are not prepared. You can't do much on the radio if you’re struggling with taking care of yourself. A lot of your personal success to whether a disaster or interruption involves how much preparations you’ve made when the situation is normal for the difficult times. 

Established by the QARL, in April 18 2012, the HEART provides communications to Govt. agencies in times of need and supports the district administration with radio communications. HEART is under the administration of QARL executive board. HEART operators meet and train with govt officials so that they can be an effective part of an emergeny response. Talks have been made with the Red Cross Society to support the district administration mutually. Lets wish Heart all the success in future.

VHF Emergency Communication

Jayant, VU2JAU relaying traffic from Jose, 9N3AA (VU2JOS) at Baluwa near the epicentre of the Nepal 2015 earthquake to Kathmandu


Please contact

Mob / WhatsApp
00 91 94470 40096

Santhosh VU3VLC
HEART Co-ordinator

Mob / WhatsApp
00 91 9447556407

Rajesh R.K Nair VU2IDB
Secretary, QARL

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QARL New Office Bearers

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Secretary: VU2IDB
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Tech Comm Convener: VU3SJE ...


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