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We, the Quilon Amateur Radio League were formed in 1982.
The club’s goals are to:

Promote amateur radio in the community;
Encourage & help others to get a Ham Radio license;
Make our expertise ready for the use of the community;
and provide a chance for Ham operators to socialize, learn & help each other.

We hold monthly meetings & an informal gathering occasionally. The club operates a voice repeater and an Echo-link node (testing). The repeater is funded by Hams & well-wishers. The club also participates in Field Day, an annual amateur radio exercise called Ham Fair involving operators from all around. QARL is an affiliate club of Radio Amateurs in and around Kerala. 


A man without a hobby is not a man at all. Ham radio is not just a medium of communication, it is a great hobbyhorse to ride providing a lot of knowledge, entertainment and securing friends all over the World. As amateur radio operator we have proved that Ham is truly international, a reliable friend when difficulties are faced anywhere in the world. The Government and the people need to utilise much more the human resources in Ham in major calamities like Tsunsmi, floods etc. 
Our aim is to have at least one Ham in each village. We shall be able to help our civil authorities in informing the urgent needs immediately at the time of calamities. Let us sit together and think as to what we can do. To be usefull to others is a noble virtue. Come, let us do something noble and useful to our brothers and sisters ! 
K.G Nadarajan VU2KGN
Mob: 00 91 9847690373


The QARL team is ready to help you !

Contact us now

Mob / WhatsApp
00 91 8547000864

P Surendran VU2SYT
President, QARL

Mob / WhatsApp
00 91 9447556407

Rajesh R.K Nair VU2IDB
Secretary, QARL

Latest News



Ham Fest India 2018

Indian Institute of Hams in association with REVA University, Bengaluru is jointly hosting Hamfest India 2018 - The Festival & Convention of Amateur (Ham) Radio Operators in India. Indian Institute of Hams (IIH) was established as a registered trust in 1993 for ...


Hamradio satellite from India

Satellites with Amateur Radio payloads are set to launch from India on November 29 at approximately 0400 UTC. Among the satellites is the Reaktor Hello World (RHW) CubeSat, OH2RHW, carrying a packet radio digipeater. Following launch, the 437.775 MHz ...


QARL New Office Bearers

Patron: VU2KGN
President: VU2SYT
Secretary: VU2IDB
Treasurer: VU2SFU
Vice President: VU2SXC & VU2BOS
Joint Secty: VU3KMU & VU2NDB
Tech Comm Convener: VU3SJE ...


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P.O Box 335                    
Kollam 691 001
Kerala, INDIA                    


Phone: 00 91 8547000864