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A man without a hobby is not a man at all.  Ham radio is not just a medium of communication, it is a  great  hobbyhorse to ride providing a lot of  knowledge, entertainment and securing friends all over the World.  As amateur radio operater  we have proved that Ham is truely international, a reliable friend when difficulties are faced anywhere in the World.  The Government and the people need to utilise  much more the human resources in Ham  in major calamities like Tsunsmi, floods etc. 
Our aim is to have at least one Ham in each village.  We shall be able to help our civil authorities in informing the urgent needs immeadiately at the time of calamities. Let us sit together and think as to what we can do.  To be usefull to others is a noble virtue.  Come, let us do something noble and useful to our brothers and sisters !
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Posted by : VU2SYT
Date : 11/27/2017
All payments to WPC may be made online only
All payments to WPC may be made only on line mode by using NTRP Portal. ( Please see latest circular dated 23 Nov 2017 from WPC Wing, Government of India, Ministry of Communications, DOT,
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