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Fox hunt
The first Kerala VHF Fox Hunt was conducted at Kollam during 1995.

VU2 GVX and SWL Pradeep ware the winners. The second and third Fox Hunt ware held at Trichur in 1996 and 1997. The next Fox Hunt was held at Chalakkudi. VU2 RDL and VU3KMU, members of QARL were the winners.

The forth Fox Hunt was conducted at Kollam and VU2 PEB and VU2 CTN were the winners. The sixth Fox Hunt again was held at Kollam and VU2 HRI and VU3BHU were the winners.

The CSD Rolling Trophy for the VHF Fox Hunt is instituted by VU2 CLD, VU2 IHX and VU3 SMG in memory of Late   Om.

Sivachandra Das VU2 CSD. The second prize is donated by Eranakulam Auto Sports Club and the third prize was donated by Palakkad Auto Sports Club.

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